18. julij 2009

Layer Love (7)

Končno sem končala lekcijo 7. Julie nam je naložila, naj uporabimo metode grunge na roza barvi. Huh! S tem sem pa namučila in težko bom še kdaj vzela za izhodišče rozasto in potem ostala pri njem.

Med procesom si je podlaga sama izborila svoje ime: Pink barf.

A ni glih taka, kot da bi bilo Barbiki slabo, no?


This is my no. 7 background. Julie wanted us to use pink. I’m definitely not happy with it. It could use a Suzy Blu doll, but … well, I’m probably not taking that class anytime soon. Maybe it will work out when I do the top “non-background” layers. We’ll see …

1 komentar:

  1. hee hee....i love your "pink barf" comment! although, i don't think that you're anywhere near pink barf!! i really like all of those sweet little flowers peeking out from the paint. hang with it....i'll bet it will be fabulous when you're done!! :)

    p.s. thanks for your sweet birthday wishes on my blog....i always enjoy your visits! :)