29. avgust 2013

Svet se pa vrti [274]

Betonsko ognjišče. Naredi sam.

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created at: 08/05/2013
»Grumpy Cat« kava.

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To je voziček!

ŠKODA vRS Mega Man-Pram

Slike na toastu.

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Is Japanese Toast Art the Next Big Thing?
Regratova lučka.

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Studio Drift: Dandelight

Materials: phosphor Brons, real Dandelion, and LEDDandelight is a little luminous dandelion. This little piece of real nature lightens up by batteryfood. The real dandelion seeds are one by one connected to the L.E.D.
Nakit za ljubitelje vrtnarjenja.

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Hand made wood and grass mini planter jewelry by Mr. Lentz  

“I create and design functional items and jewelry – mostly out of reclaimed wood and upcycled materials from salvage yards. I have always been a creator – influenced largely by not wanting to fall into the black hole of uncreativity that is the majority of the working world in this country. My aim has always been to find beauty and share it with others.  I enjoy evenings in the deserts of the Southwest where I sit in my workshop, chopping wood and photographing while blasting 90′s electronic dance music… followed by a good country song or two.”

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Furniture Erosion: Nate Cabinet by Lisa Berkert Wallard
Modularne igračke.

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Minimals: Modular Toy Animals by Sebastián Burga toys animals

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Mesmerizingly Creepy Kaleidoscopic Fingers Filmed by Dave Razor fingers black and white anatomy

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