14. oktober 2012

Septembrsko branje

Ready Player One

Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

»Maybe it isn’t a good idea to tell a newly arrived human being that he’s been born into a world of chaos, pain, and poverty just in time to watch everything fall to pieces. I discovered all of that gradually over several years, and it still made me feel like jumping off a bridge.«

Delno futuristična in socialno kritična knjiga, ki pa je predvsem v žanr računalniških igric preoblečena »space opera« z vsemi tipičnimi elementi od divjanja s planeta na planet dalje. Je pa odlično napisano in priporočam vsem, ki imajo radi takšno literaturo.



Joe Haldeman, Forever Free

»Sara brought home the Tauran writing at noon. 'The librarian said it was a ritual statement, like the end of a prayer: "Inside the foreign, the unknown; inside that, the unknowable." She said that was only close. There aren't exact human translations for the concepts.'«

Joe Haldeman je davno nazaj napisal močna protivojna romana Forever War in Forever Peace, ki sem ju tudi prebral že davno nazaj, še v hrvaškem prevodu. Nisem pa vedel, da je Forever War (tudi že davno nazaj) dobil nadaljevanje – Forever Free. Malce slabše od Vojne in Miru, a še vedno dobro.


The Coldest War

Ian Tregillis, The Coldest War

»Roughly a dozen children of both sexes sat at tables or sprawled on cushions or stood off by themselves in ones, twos, and threes. The older ones read. The younger ones played with dolls, wooden blocks, toy trucks, stuffed animals. They ranged in age from perhaps five or six years all the way to their late teens. And they were silent. Each and every one of them. “These,” said Pembroke, “are our warlocks.”«

Ian Tregillis me je očaral že s prvim delom triptiha – Bitter Seeds – drugi del pa je še boljši. Komaj čakam tretjega!


Old Man's War

John Scalzi, Old Man’s War, The Ghost Brigades, The Last Colony, Zoe’s Tale

»After watching Star Wars everyone wanted a lightsaber and was irritated that the technology for them didn’t really exist. Everyone also agreed the Ewoks should all die.«

Scalzijeva vojno/protivojna zbirka štirih romanov spada med klasike, odkril sem jo pa šele sedaj. Ni mi žal.


The Man Who Counted Infinity

Sašo Dolenc, The Man Who Counted Infinity

»Despite the fact that the intersection also includes a driveway to a shopping mall, the traffic is completely fluent, and even more so than it was before, when traffic lights ruled the intersection.«

Zbirka esejčkov o pomembnih znanstvenikih in z njimi povezanih odkritjih, ki pokriva vse živo – od atomske fizike do psihologije. Priporočam!

Casual Vacancy

J. K. Rowling, The Casual Vacancy

»Andrew Price took the handlebars of his father’s racing bicycle and walked it carefully out of the garage, making sure that he did not scrape the car. Down the stone steps and through the metal gate he carried it; then, in the lane, he put his foot on one pedal, scooted a few yards and swung his other leg over the saddle. He soared left onto the vertiginously sloping hillside road and sped, without touching his brakes, down towards Pagford.«




Agatha Christie, Gospa McGinty je mrtva

»Hercule Poirot se je z velikim odporom ozrl po sobi, v kateri je stal. Pohištvo je bilo sicer simetrično razporejeno, a to je bilo tudi vse, kar je bilo lepega v njej.«

Hercule Poirot bolj dolgočasne sorte.


Berem: The Hydrogen Sonata

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