18. julij 2013

Svet se pa vrti [268]


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Melting Ceramics by Livia Marin pattern cups China ceramics
Centripetalna sila in barva.

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The Wild Effect of Centrifugal Force on Toys Soaked with Paint by Peter Schafrick toys paint

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Fasada s premičnimi, računalniško nadzorovanimi elementi.

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Lesene ure.

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OClock: Wood & Cork Clocks by Okum Made wood design clocks
Klop iz 600 let starega hrasta.

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Vizualizirana števila.

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Visualizing the Infinite Beauty of Pi and Other Numbers

Math and art may appear, superficially, like two disparate fields, but they’ve been in conversation for millennia. One recent example of the synergistic possibilities between the two comes from Canadian scientists Christian Ilies Vasile and Martin Kryzwinski. The pair have utilized the data visualization software Circos to create beautiful and colorful visual representations of mathematical constants π (pi), φ (phi), and eusing transition probabilities and color-coded digits on Archimedean spirals.
Given the endless nature of π, φ andethe task of representing them visually in a simplified form could seem daunting. However, thanks to new infographic technology and the natural form of the Archimedean spiral understanding pi’s sequencing (for the layperson anyway) becomes a thing of beauty rather than outright confusion—the technicolored vastness evoking an almost spiritual quality.
For the technical deets on how the pair created the visuals, check out the project page on Kryzwinski’s site. 

Photos shown:
Progression of the first 10,000 digits of π By Cristian Ilies Vasile.
 Progression and transition for the first 1,000 digits of e. 
 Progression and transition for the first 1,000 digits of π, φ and e. 
Progression and transition for the first 2,000 digits of e.
Progression and transition for the first 1,000 digits of the accidental similarity number.
Progression and transition for the first 1,000 digits of φ.
(Via The Creators Project)
Predelane ure.

Steampunk Watch Part Sculptures<br /> by Sue Beatrice watches steampunk sculpture recyling assemblage
Šestmetrski dinozaver ob Seni.

Oborožene Diznijeve princeske.


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