21. november 2013

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The Cutest Sticky Notes Ever in style fashion  Category

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Surreal Photo Manipulations by Caras Ionut surreal digital conceptual
Sadje in zelenjava.

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Order prints on my EtsyStore
Printed Photography of Food Sculptures and Conceptual Art suited for Interior Design 
Your photos will be professionally printed on high quality photographic paper. We use high quality inks to make sure that your print is long lasting. 
You can choose a shiny or a matte finish. The shiny finish will gladden your eye with rich and vibrant colors, as for the matte finish, it has a better perceived contrast, less reflections, and it will get a nice warm vintage look in decades. 
Depending on the size, the photo will have a 5/10 mm white boarder
They will be mailed un-matted and un-framed in a cardboard tube.
My logo will not appear on the print.
The prints will be numbered and signed on the back.
Fotografije siamskih bojnih ribic.

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Stunning Portraits of Siamese Fighting Fish by Visarute Angkatavanich fish
Živalsko pohištvo.

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Playful animal furniture by Judy Kensley McKie currently exhibited at Gallery NAGA 

Judy Kensley McKie blurs the line between utilitarian furniture and sculpture and successfully blends the two as she creates, in effect, furniture as art.  Exhibiting a range of work from carved and painted wood to cast bronze, McKie clearly demonstrates her comfort and skill in either medium.  The show at Gallery NAGA is comprised of large and impressive works including tables, cabinets, and couches as well as smaller vases, bowls, and plaques.  Widely recognized as a pivotal figure in her field, Judy Kensley McKie has created a body of work that feels both familiar and fresh.
Judy Kensley McKie is on exhibition from November 8 through December 14 at Gallery NAGA
Narisani valovi.

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Paintings by Lia Melia
Stopnice v vesolje.

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An Infinite Staircase by David McCracken sculpture

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Blue Parametric Lace Chair by Peter Donders
Konjski glavi na Škotskem.

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Giant Kelpies Horse Head Sculptures Tower Over the Forth & Clyde Canal in Scotland sculpture Scotland horses

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