01. januar 2011

Kreh kreh

Ko Slovon dovolj dolgo kašlja, se pusti prepričati v kakšno staro in preizkušeno zdravilo – šumadijski čaj. These days I feel like I’m living with an old smoker with tuberculosis and when Slovon coughs, I get really really scared. Today he finally agreed to an old and proven remedy: šumadijski [schu-mud-e:j-ski] tea.


Recept tako poznate, ne Smeško, ki mežika Yes, that’s right, that’s a flame in a cup that you’re looking at. With a fork sticking in the flame. Smeško, ki mežika
Recipe: pour 30 ml dark rum (for flavor), 30 ml white rum, 30 ml schnapps, 30 ml some other hard liquor that you fancy, the stronger the better, top with white vine to the brim (again, for flavor), light up. If it doesn’t light right away, lift some in a spoon, holding it over the cup, and light the quantity in the spoon. Take a couple of forks that you’re not attached to, and 12-17 cubes of sugar. White works best, because it melts in the flame, the dark cubes carbonize too quickly (as proven tonight, but I didn’t have any white ones). Holding one cube at a time in the flame, on the fork, in the dark for some creative effect, leave them to melt and allow for the better part of the alcohol to burn out. When the flame dies out, mix and drink. Go to bed.

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