15. oktober 2013

Septembrsko branje

Hammered (Jenny Casey, #1)

Elizabeth Bear, Jenny Casey/Wetwired (Hammered, Scardown, Worldwired)

»“Jenny,” he says, and—having gotten to know a little bit about Richard Feynman in the past three weeks or so—I hear a world of history and the fates of war in that single word. “You and me, kid. We will find a better way to handle this.”«

Še ena Elizabethina trilogija – tokrat o nanotehnologiji in prvem stiku z vesoljci. Zanimivo in dobro napisano.


Pazuzu's Girl

Rachel Coles, Pazuzu’s Girl

»He held the bow and ran his fingers along its graceful curve. “Thanks. Do I tip you or something?” “You can leave an offering of food on my altar for me to eat. That might be nice. I haven’t had coffee in a while. The nice expensive stuff, but no pansy mocha-chino frappachino nonsense. Just coffee.”«

Nesmrtneži, demoni in najstnica – demonova hči. Se da prebrat.

Dancing with Bears

Michael Swanwick, Dancing with Bears

»The sky was low and dark with a thin line of vivid sunset squeezed between earth and clouds to the west. In addition, the winds were autumn-cold, and he hadn’t bothered to don a jacket before climbing out through an attic dormer window. But Arkady didn’t care. He had a bottle of Pushkin in one hand and a liquid anthology of world poetry in the other.«

Zgodba dveh prevarantov v post-katastrofični Rusiji. Zelo dobro.



Edward W. Robertson, Titans

»Past the scratched-up jet window, the gray screen of clouds went smeary. Below, cloud-blurred lakes, woods, and towns crawled along. I'd always liked flying, even when clearing layers of airport security had taken longer than the flight itself. The vibration of the plane and the turn of the earth helped me cope with the fact I was sitting next to a dopey Sphinx with no idea how the real world worked.«

Tudi Robertson je v svoje delo vpletel nesmrtnega zemljana, pa umetno inteligenco in še kaj, ukvarja se pa s poseljevanjem vesolja.


Joe Haldeman, Mars (Marsbound, Starbound, Earthbound)

»We did play around a bit in the weightless-gym area. Elspeth and I played catch with her little sister Davina, who obediently curled into a ball. Spinning her gave us all the giggles, but we had to stop before she got totally dizzy. She looked a little green as she unfolded, but I think was happy for the small adventure and the attention.«

Kaj se lahko zgodi z nami, če se bomo srečali s tehnološko napredno civilizacijo. Začne se prav luštno, potem pa zavije v tako depresijo, da je kar kriza.



David Brin, Existence

»Infiltrators came at dawn, out of the rising sun—several hundred little machines, skimming low on whispering gusts. Each one, resembling a native hummingbird, followed a carefully scouted path toward its target, landing behind some camera or sensor, in its blind spot. It then unfolded wings that transformed into holo-displays, depicting perfect false images of the same desert scene to the guardian lens, without even a suspicious flicker. «

Še en prvi stik, tokrat s sondami, ki prinašajo sporočilo “razmnožite in pošljite nas v milijon izvodih”. Odlično.


Directive 51 (Daybreak, #1)

John Barnes, Daybreak (Directive 51, Daybreak Zero)

»October 28th was a date that would be known everywhere, forever; bigger than July 4th or 14th or 20th, bigger than December 7th or even 25th. As 12:00 A.M., October 28th, entered at the Date Line, nothing had happened yet, though many thousands of people, millions of machines, and billions of messages and ideas were already moving. When 11:59 P.M., October 28th, exited through the other side of the Date Line, the world had just tipped and begun to fall over into its new shape.«

Pa še ena post-katastrofična, ta ima za temo umetno ustvarjeno nano-okužbo, ki uničuje elektroniko, plastiko in gorivo. S pričakovanjem čakam tretji del.


DMQZ Quinn Fleming, DMQZ

»In the most popular retelling, the one Hale heard told over and over again in the orphanage where he came of age, the outbreak began in a lab at MIT. On a normal afternoon, a young research assistant was moving an infected dormouse from one cage to another when it scurried from her gloves and up the bare skin beneath her lab coat sleeve. It was the first instance of cross-species contamination, and the only one needed. The lab assistant told no one until later that night, when the fever began.«

Post-katastrofičnih knjig dobiš danes deset za evro, zato je Quinn Fleming prvo knjigo iz svojega seriala (virus pobije 9/10 ljudi, redke neokužene komune se bojujejo proti preživelim, ki prenašajo bolezen) nekaj časa delil kar zastonj. Pisanje sicer včasih šepa in se splača brat čim hitreje, zgodba je pa dovolj zanimiva, da si bom ogledal tudi drugi del.

Berem: Fortunately, the milk

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