17. oktober 2009

Podlage in dodatki za AJ (24)

Julie nam je v šesti lekciji Supernove dala za domačo nalogo narediti superpreproste tage z akrili. Sinoči mi jih je končno uspelo narediti. Zamujam. Ne zato, ker bi bilo težko jih narediti, ampak ker nisem imela časa. In ker je treba vse akrile pač razvlečt po kuhinjski mizi, če hočeš narediti karkoli.

There are “homework tags” from Julie’s 6th lesson. Now they are ready to go into my purse so I can journal while having coffee somewhere. Where do I ever go out for coffee? Well, I’ll use them one way or another! I love them. Supereasy. I didn’t buy the ready made tags, of course, I cut them up by myself – I got a bunch this leftover strips of white cardboard from a friend. I cut the strips in 3rds, used my ton of corner punches and – voila, great tags, all different.


Sedma lekcija je monoprint. Tega sem delala naravnost v svoj “bil nekoč je rokovnik”.

I love how the monoprint from the 7th lesson came up as well. Have to try it with other colors and with some lighter ones. Supereasy and I really enjoyed making it, it was good fun!

monoprint 01

3 komentarji:

  1. you are doing such a great job on our "julie homework"!! i still need to make my tags, and i haven't even watched the new videos yet (bad me, bad me!!)! i love it that you made your own tags....very clever of you! and i don't even drink coffee....how about the two of us go out for an ice cream cone instead?!! :)))

  2. Oh, I love coffee, it's just that working at home doesn't give that much opportunities. Ice cream would do too, though! I'd love to get some ice-cream with you, Lori :)

  3. Tvoji superpreprosti tagi so odlični.